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Some Interesting Facts that you have to say that WTF is this ???

Interesting Facts


Interesting Facts No.1

Panda Researchers have to wear Panda Costumes to work.

Interesting Facts No.2

Palm trees are not technically trees,they are grass.

Interesting Facts No.3

If you keep a goldfish in a dark room,it will eventually turn white.

Interesting Facts No.4

People with higher intelligence tend to have harder time falling asleep at night because of higher activity by brain.

Interesting Facts No.5

When you sneeze ,all your body function stops,even your heart.

Interesting Facts No.6

There are no clock and windows in Las Vegas casinos, so that people don’t know if it’s day or night outside.

Interesting Facts No.7

If you sneeze while driving at 70 mph,you will have traveled about 300 feet with your eyes closed.

Interesting Facts No.8

Hippo Milk is Pink In Color. 

Interesting Facts No.9

Bruce lee was so quick that he could grab a coin out of your hand and replace it with another coin before you close your fist.

Interesting Facts No.10

You can buy a Holy Water on Amazon on $12.

Interesting Facts No.11

Japanese Scientist developed a Refrigerator that open only when you Smile 🙂 .



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